Compression Stockings

Many people today suffer from edema, varicose veins and lower leg pain. Left unmanaged, these conditions can pose serious health risks and ultimately will be more costly to remedy.

Bio Orthotics Lab is pleased about our exclusive partnership with Airway Medical Truform Stockings as part of our on-going commitment to patient care.

Our compression hosiery line was chosen to meet the needs of all types of patients ranging from business professionals to patients who are wanting relief from excessive swelling to patients who may have had surgery and require compression stockings as part of their care plan.

Bio Orthotics Lab also offers technical support and training for all practitioners to ensure that you are comfortable in prescribing and dispensing compression hosiery. This, in turn, will assist you to ensure you are giving your patients a full spectrum of options to manage their health.

We are proud to partner with Airway Medical Truform stockings in providing you unmatched combination of quality and value for all of your compression stocking needs.