Lab Bio

By choosing Bio Orthotics Lab, you can be sure you are choosing the highest of quality orthotics that are available. Our laboratory has been manufacturing custom made orthotics for over 15 years.

Each pair of orthotics are made to the exact specifications that you prescribe for your patients. We take great pride in our finished devices ensuring that they will be a great fit for your patients' needs.

We work closely with our strategic partners and we offer different types of orthotics ranging from low profile dress devices, patient specific rigid or semi-rigid orthotic inserts to enhanced-cushioning accommodative orthotics, giving you a well-rounded variety of solutions for your patients' biomechanical needs.

Bio Orthotics Lab is a member of the Prescription Foot Orthotic Lab Association (PFOLA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and improving the efficacy of custom prescription foot orthoses to the medical professions, the public and to third-party providers of medical coverage. Being a member of the PFOLA in good standing, we abide by strict ethics and ensure our custom orthopaedic products meet those stringent guidelines.

With great dedication and experience, our lab and lab technicians take pride in crafting your custom orthotics with high quality materials, ensuring that we deliver the best in quality and fitment. We strive to remain competitive, while offering our clinical partners ongoing support and ensuring that their clinical needs are being executed with our best devices and exceptional customer service.\