Bio Orthotics Lab has now gone digital 3D!

After countless hours of research and very substantial investment into what is believed to be the best digital manufacturing system in the orthotic industry, we have taken the leap into 3D digital manufacturing. While we are still accepting more traditional casting techniques (foam, plaster, wax, etc., and still offer traditional methods of manufacturing as well), our lab is very excited to be able to service our clients that are interested in advancing their business into digital 3D scanning. Bringing the industry leading Delcam 3D system technology into our lab, we are confident that we will now be able to offer cutting-edge orthotic devices -- making Bio Orthotics Lab further stand apart from the competition.

Using the Delcam digital suite, our custom orthotic shells can now be designed digitally through their OrthoModel software. This industry leading orthotic software solution allows us to create accurate digital modifications to your patient's 3D casts, allowing us to direct-mill your patient's orthotic devices to exacting specifications and tolerances -- making an exceptional orthotic device.

Using their knowledge and experience earned over many years working in the aeronautical industry, Delcam has developed this software for labs that are looking for the best system available to manufacture extremely high-quality foot orthotic devices -- all driven by their award-winning CAD engine.

Bio Orthotics Lab is excited to move forward with this industry leading technology and offer you the opportunity to provide your patients with the best orthotics available.

For more information on how our digital 3D suite can provide you with your best orthotic devices, or, to schedule a lab tour to see our facility and the 3D technology in use, call us at 905-265-0202 -- one of our customer services representatives would be happy to help you.